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Welcome to Versailles

Jun. 17th, 2010 | 04:47 am

On June 11 came to Peru Versailles

the concert was incredible.

like a dream, could not believe it

Teru and Masashi had to face my

was magic ... oh Teru took a flag to the fans that we signed

and take picture with her

he is incredible ... I saw when I signed

here we are with some friends in line to enter

waa ~ it was beautiful and hopefully can repeat this wonderful experience with

another concert XD not have to travel to Chile ^ ^

=HOST CLUB= chapter 1

Jun. 17th, 2010 | 04:36 am

Here I bring a "FAN FIC" by DISCHARGE
is very beautiful I hope you like
sorry for mistakes
I translated from the Spanish-English


Sooner or later the truth comes to light ... deceit is short, it's just an illusion ...
What i Weave that you like about my fleeting illusion ... as my heart does not know the truth all is well ... and we still have each other ...

"Mmm yeah! Ah aaah! Ah ah "The man of a brown-haired , echoed in the room breathless and hot. The walls are witnessing another highly sexual act; Another man with hair as black as ebony, the man lunged wildly screaming ke owner of those begging for more, those were the vibrant ke moans of pleasure ke ran tests deliciously her body toned body soaked in sweat, turned around and squeezed her thighs ke hip black-haired, clutching her long toned legs with force to remain stable in the strong thrusts ke taught the other being against the wall.

"Aaah! aah ah! More Aoi Mmnn more curse! "The said separate it from the wall, his strong arms and big hands holding of the doubt, biting his lip to carry him to the bed where you lie brought back. The brown let fall her arms Aoi's neck to the bed, her body sliding on savannas of black silk, his white skin contrasting with her. His face a drunken ecstacy not yet reached its peak.

"Uruha ..." Aoi coming down her face again to sigh your name, trapping the brown fleshy lower lip, leading him back into a string of kisses rampant, turning fugitive at the time the dark-haired ke summarized its onslaught, opening more Uruha legs, his hands clutching the sheets to sigh so heavily, by the same stair summing up to the delicious and explosive orgasm ke awaited him. Aoi passed a hand under Uruha's back, right hip where I raise a few degrees to penetrate more effectively. Uruha helped him by bending his legs, planting his feet on the bed and a few degrees more Arkeen your back to help his hip, and from Akella position in the attacks helped push in the direction against them.

"Aah ~ Uruha muevete Hmmmn asiii" Aoi let go of your hip to hold your thigh with both hands, grasping them with some force, marking the soft skin of them with her fingertips and partly with her nails. Uruha continued rocking his hips to the rhythm of the attacks, stretching his arms to attract Aoi's face on his and dates back to those voluptas lips wet with her own saliva. Aoi's tongue came out to meet the Uruha out of their mouths before joining the two pairs of lips at a dance so sensual and sexy, every touch of teeth on the flesh of the lips Provoked mordiskeos, soft and strong pulls on them teeth.
Aoi's hand under the thigh, stroking along the way, her fingertips touching the thin skin of the testes of brown, drawing briefly to touch fully with his hand, arrankando an audible kejido of Uruha pink lips, her eyes closing the hand feel of that area to travel, covering its entire length and massaging it in a more rapid swing ke the same onslaught. Uruha bit hard Aoi's lip bruskedad being masturbated with the dark-haired groaning to pain Akella Provoked by bite, and as revenge he bit back not only the lip of the brown, but was equally abrupt ke the attacks.

"Aaah! Son of a bitch! "Contracted his thighs on Uruha's hips Aoi, moaning loudly to be endured for the sake ke came in two by being masturbated and rammed fervently.

Someone at the door and play without waiting to be answered, opened revealing their sexual Panaroma both virgin eyes.
"Go with reason I answered the damn phone" Uruha opened his eyes to see the owner of that familiar voice.

"Tora .. aaah" Uruha looked hands grab the back of the dark-haired kontinuaba kien without interruption, while masturbating and ramming, ignoring her around, kissing and biting the neck of brown. "Ke-ke kieres .. Cock? Aaah ! .. sii ~ Aoi curse "The brown spent his fingers through his hair dark-haired of them holding tight to feel Aoi to return to their accelerated and brutal assaults.

"No because if you put me to choose" Tora somewhat tilted his head, his eyes staring cross on the spot, watching Aoi member into and out of the buttocks of another, his eyes becoming hungry for akello. "I'd say ke kualkiera cairia me well though ... that of Aoi masss seems to me."

"Tell him go .. ke" annoyed and irritated him Aoi muttered between his breathing extremely agitated, hearing a Uruha, while feeling every inch inside it, on her tongue retesting ke sweat covered in a thin brown skin.

"Aaah's" Beat Toraaa Aoiii I come! Damn it! "A strong current on his body shuddered, focusing on the base of your spine to ejaculate freely on their abdomen, dipping some of it on the black-haired abdomen kien cares little ramming continued until seconds after it reached his and come within the shamelessly with a loud moan in the air, falling on Uruha heavily, tiredness immediately seizing the trembling to what happened. Uruha sighed over, bringing his hand to the dark-haired head, stroking their hair awkwardly, closing and opening his lips in an instant to regain his breath, his head swaying above the savannah ke turned to icy when passing minute.

Tora was still there, watching loved the scene, warmed by it, unconsciously and played his part intima above the fabric of his trousers. That picture of Uruha lying on sheets, her thighs glistening with sweat ke over them, one hand still rested Aoi on one of those full thighs, envying. The face of complete satisfaction of brown, like that of Aoi ke kien had his head leaning on the chest of another, a few strands stuck to his face black with sweat, hiding some of these ke sealed lids his eyes wearily, those lips between ke equally open trying to catch his breath lost. Tora envied that ... sex so good between the two of them knew ke and ke kompartian company that alleged both.

damn ... lucky ...

Tora thought.

Two of the most sought after business are one and the other when they want .. lo.tienen everything fame, money, sex

I want that ...

"Are you deaf? I asked you to leave, "Uruha pronounced open your eyes in a high tone for anything but annoying. Aoi hug is more brown body without leaving even the sighing heavily without opening his eyes.

"Aoi do not ever fall asleep .." Uruha said when it had fallen into their own dreams. Aoi had left him exhausted.

"I bring news" Tora finally speak, trying to hide behind a stable vocal Akella ke envy filled his being. "Are important"


"Right now, this includes 15,000 for you, Aoi." Tora malvadilla The smile returned to his face, watching his eyes open Aoi heavily without much surprise, looking straight on.

"Who pays this amount?" Uruha ask something strange.

"I do not know what you mean if you have paid more for Aoi." Tora said.



"Sa who" Uruha asked something even more intrigued by lifting his head from the bed. Aoi stood up, holding a hand to its member base to get out of Uruha, some semen came out with. Aoi step where a finger of that liquid samples were getting out, being the area of entry, and to collect that substance, licked her fingers. Tora seeing this, saliva happened ...

"A young boy with whom he had been before ... but there were some glitches the last time, I think it comes to that." Finish to say fucked with Aoi to go to the bathroom.

Uruha raised an eyebrow "Sakito?" Repeated "I never talked about the"

"There are customers for whom that has happened to Uruha" said indifferent to close the bathroom door behind him. Tora and Uruha were silent for a moment, looking at the faces, Uruha tora angrily and with pleasure.

"You look so divine" Uruha was still lying down, her naked body to any exposure. Tora took a step forward, asking to feel his penis inside.

"Not on your bastard." He rolled his brown eyes and was sitting, stroking her hair to do so. Tora Aoi stopped only because there was close, if Uruha was refused a denial by the dark-haired alike except that Aoi did not I tell you with words.

"You know that I have you" Uruha "

"What else you wanted? It was just that? "Tora sighed in defeat biting his lip. "I'll tell you outside in the hall" he said, rubbing his member to leave the room, closing the door behind him with a little more strength.
Uruha smiled and laughed low. Moved his head from side to side, rubbing his neck, letting out a soft, low moan as he remembered what happened ... just Aoi was really good. He paused, sighed, looking toward the window where sunlight came in soft, illuminating the large room.

Wake to the smell of sex ... there's no better good morning Uruha thought that with a relaxed grin on his face. Could hear the shower, I could imagine the dark-haired body behind the door. Under his view to his plane with his hands abdomen and removing the semen.
"Just need to clean" he said rising from the plains and walking, even somewhat sensitive erogenous zone on your body, in the direction of the bathroom. Do not touch or bother to ask permission out loud to get in, just opened the door ke ke apropósito Aoi knew had left open. Inside, he hoped that the picture of his naked body and wet dare seen a bathroom window. Uruha did not bother closing the door letting out fumes Akel hot bath. He opened the window and crept inside, pretending not to see Aoi to continue with soap every part of her shapely body. Uruha made his way in front of him, taking over the shower where his body was pleasantly warm water. His hands and passed through his wet hair, closing his eyes to water, his mouth opening to receive the streams that ran down his face. Hands down his chest softer with water circulating through your abdomen and your thighs with your palms. In foreign hands that took him by the hips repegandolo against the other's body feeling every curve of the torso and formed a member saying he was waking up behind him. Uruha tilting his head, leaving those lips go back to his neck.

"You want more true Uruha?" Aoi whispered dangerously. Uruha smiled when bending your head back, recharging the neck in the other's shoulder. "Damelo"


"Sakito" Uruha thought up, his eyes fixed on the limbus. "Sounds"

Both Aoi and Uruha, were sitting on a bench facing ke businesses ranging from restaurants to entertainment, both disgusting ice cream they exchanged from time to time to be talking.

"I do not think it was one of your previous customers." Aoi said, licking and picking up a piece with his tongue protruding raspberry ice cream.

"Why?" Asked a curious brown turning your head to it, some ice cream smeared on her upper lip arribita. Aoi saw this.

"I know what I say" told to look at the sides, making sure there were many people ke to see the following.

"Why so mysterious?"

"It is no mystery, just ..." Aoi leaned to kiss the corner stained peach flavored ice cream, dates back to try it with his tongue, then wipe the saliva with his thumb. "I prefer to reserve any information on this time. After tonight I did. "He continued by saying to withdraw completely, returning to his place.

Uruha inflate the cheeks, his face somewhat flushed back in front. "Anyway"

"Only I can tell you that I have fun" Aoi said with a smile to continue licking her ice cream.

"I hope and I ask a business man tonight," Uruha said, pursing his lips and eyebrows closing "... are the worst."

"Do not worry," Aoi turned his attention away from ice cream to face Uruha frustrated, smiling that "you know you have the comfort of it later"

"It's time Aoi," Uruha said returning his eyes to the "just remember certain moments of gives me chills." Iimitando such action, returning your view cone in their hands.

"But it is they who are the rich man of today"

"Maybe ... I would like to restrict myself alveces only chikas"

There was a silence and clearly felt the direct gaze on Aoi. She turned her face to him.

"What? the time is much more sweet and pleasant ... in a certain way or you deny me? "

Aoi did not answer the continuous single player coupled with his eyebrows slightly.

"And of course you are." He told Uruha quickly, shifting his gaze to the ice Aoi, taking it from his hands to his place in him. Proceeded to lick the ice cream without turning back was not even in the face of Aoi, which reveals a vague smile.

"Anyway, enjoy what time we have left before going to work." Said the dark-haired, eating ice cream was now his back. "Let's go to the arcade (game room) from there," he said, pointing in the direction of a local picturesque two-story designs and letters on the outside where young soldiers went in and out or just casual, unlike the two of them were dressed formally black as were two hours of entering the entertainment business at night where they were the authors of the game.

It was nearly dawn when he returned to his home, wearily, in a taxi to his restaurant. His head leaned against the glass, sitting in the back, his eyes just getting the images of life outside. There used to take a taxi home or out so late, but being a holiday weekend many people had resorted to his restaurant. Sure, he thanked God for the work but just asked for a break from it. Dreamed of going to Hawaii, or perhaps Paris or France to see a good game of soccer ...

Sigh ...

Maybe next week I would do ... definitely would.

"We will turn down another street, the very young? The path to the address ke me is being built. "

Kai lifted his head slightly to see back to the driver. Nodded. "Whatever, as long as you get home."

Minutes later, passed through a neon illuminated by lights and people in suits and women dressed boldly. The eyes of dark-haired recorded everything he saw through the streets at night to play and enjoy. I had never entered into any place of these, nor the curiosity prompted him to do so. But if you asked because people motivated by such a chain of destructive fleeting pleasures and vices.

The company fell every time ... common sense to be forgotten outside those doors ....

In this, his eyes register a familiar face of a distant memory. His heart gave a leap, remembering the agitated person may belong ke owner that face deep black eyes, ke had captured his soul years ago.

"It might stop a moment!" Kai exclaimed, turning back to the possible place where the searched continued. The driver did as ordered. "Because I promise you will not tarry" he said before quickly getting off the Taxi. His heart continuous galloping strongly, passing people carelessly leave in the opposite direction, ignoring the eyes that scissors from head to toe. His eyes just looked back that was a few feet from him.

If you ...
His feet were rushing to the edge of almost running, his breathing heavy in your chest, nerves giving way to the anxiety that gripped

If you really are who you think I am

The fences have it almost was slowing his pace, though his heart was racing more.

are you doing here?

The voice of that
man dates back your ears, awakening in an acute feeling between sadness and high emotion.

"Aoi" might be called only by his trembling lips, stopping at the foot of that back. The shift is partly dark-haired, her eyes larger view for a moment to see Kai. This felt the warmth fill his cheeks, his breathing stopped for a moment, let ke like to feel his heart to confirm the identity of that person in front of him. "Aoi" repeated softer, his brow furrowed and his eyes trembling behind a glossy layer soaking those dark brown eyes.

They looked for a moment in silence, taking a detail of the face and the other. Aoi seemed indifferent unsmiling, their eyes dilate the only possible ke emotions went inside it, but with nerves over Kai could not receive any. Kai quickly leaf through to their surroundings and to sign
business which had stopped outside.

Ke doing here
will ask again, returning his gaze to face
had longed to see for a long time ago. Appreciating the very clothes he wore dress Aoi.

"Long time no see." Kai is approached on a step, Aoi continuing to be expressionless.

"Aoi" another voice spoke behind the dark-haired, this turning to a tall, thin man of strands clear, who
Aoi looked nervously with the same dark brown eyes, wearing dark-haired less elegant than just a long sleeved white shirt unbuttoned to reveal his chest and pants. "We can go."

Aoi gives you a smirk. "Sure, Sakito." And without turning back to Kai or even bother to say goodbye, got in the car ENVIN waiting a few feet of them. Kai opened his mouth to stop for a moment wanting more but could not say anything ... because Aoi not even look up to him ... not even care about the reunion seemed to like it. His heart began to throb with pain and rejection ... watching the car go from there. Step saliva, eyes in constant motion, jumping from one person to another. He looked again at the sign "Club Zeus" reading his lips in silence. He turned around and returned to where he waited for the taxi, trying to contain a great desire to mourn ...

this is the first chapter

Girugamesh - Color preview

Jun. 17th, 2010 | 03:56 am

Hello! as I'm in final exams / (¬ 3 ¬) / I can recently published the new Pv. Girugamesh apparently is very good. I  think I'll buy it.


looking for pictures of gazette

Jun. 15th, 2010 | 03:29 am

hello try searching today gazette pictures of the found 0w0 especially Uruha and Aoi
god! Uruha appears so cute in the pictures. It looks like a doll

Aoi is beautiful really would not know how to describe just that I love
I look forward to her new single